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voiceover: Mike Fenton Stevens

This documentary will tell the story of the stranger at the gate of Tittenhurst Park.


From his idyllic upbringing to his untimely death. We tell his story, why he made the pilgrimage to Lennon's home, what he thought of Lennon's reaction and how his life panned out.


It also offers a glimpse into the culture and history from one of the most exciting and terrifying moments in America's history.


From the Vietnam War to the teachings of Timothy Leary,  from the Beat Poets to the Summer of Love and Manson Family Murders. We look at how The Beatles lyrics influenced some key moments of this time, for better or for worse.

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by Ray Connolly

Until now Curt Claudio has been a mystery man, known only to the wider world for being the strange young American who turned up at John Lennon’s Tittenhurst Park estate in England’s Berkshire – and was filmed doing so.


As we all know, fans pursued the Beatles, finally tragically in Lennon’s case, but John was so intrigued by this obsessive boy that he met him and stood at his door while a film crew recorded the exchange.


Photo ©Yoko Ono Lennon


It was a walk-on part, and Lennon would remember him as just another "mad fan". But who was Curt Claudio, where did he come from and what happened to him?


Millions of viewers have now seen the encounter with Lennon in the film Imagine and asked themselves the same questions. And now, after years of enquiry, British artist Gavin Munro has come up with some of the answers in this sad little story,  this fragment of time that in so many ways defines its moment.

Photo ©Yoko Ono Lennon


Ray Connolly

Associate of Lennon & Best selling author of Being John Lennon 

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Photo ©Yoko Ono Lennon

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Photo ©Yoko Ono Lennon

Did you know Curt?

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He was hedonistic in a sense but would always have a big smile and that look in his eye that was like “I got this!”

Brother, Dayton Claudio



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Mark Lewisohn, Antony Rotunno, Ray Connolly, Tray Webb, Mike Fenton Stevens, Sandra Cates, Chip Erwin, John Armstrong, Maurice Brown, Tim Hoerle, Ian Burns, Danie Reader, Sara Schmidt, Paul Ray Burns, Kyle Kresge, Pat Schaffarczyk, Rob Mather, Marsha Webb, Daniel Rachel, Paul Dancey, Steve Pionk, Terence Haynes, Stevie Riks, Bay Area News, The Argus, Veronica Martinez, Bill Ledgewood, Dennis Akizuki, Gennifer Ulmen , Matt Morris, Barry Miles, Steven Cockcroft & Jason Carty

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