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Curt & John Inspire New Song

Anything Fits (When You're On Some Trip) is the latest offering from 20th Century Son, a new musical venture of Glasgow musician Craig Casey.

The title of the song comes from Lennon's response to Claudio's questioning.

If you like classic guitar singer songwriting then you'll love this track. It's available to listen here at Spotify.

Craig has allowed us to use this song in the documentary and also agreed to write some new music for the project. We spoke to him last week and he had this to say about his song and the What Happened To Claudio project

"When I watched the scene where John & Curt meet, what struck me was that it is obviously just the middle of Curt’s story.

John & Curt are both relatable characters in different ways and I think it leaves you thinking how did Curt get there and what happened to him?

After writing and recording the song I was very pleasantly surprised to learn about the documentary about Curt’s life and immediately sent him a link to my song.

To then have the song I’ve written featured in the documentary would be a real thrill personally and the whole thing seems too meaningful to just be a coincidence."

About the artist

‘20th Century Son’ is the new musical venture of Glasgow musician Craig Casey.

Inspired and influenced by classic songwriters such as Lennon/McCartney, Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher and Rod Stewart, his songs have been described as “sort of like early Dylan meets Frankie Miller….” and “If you like Oasis b-sides and The Charlatans’ Bob Dylan phase.”

Latest single ‘Anything Fits (When You’re Off On Some Trip)' is available on all major streaming platforms as is the ‘Shout It Out Loud EP’.

Follow Craig on Twitter @20th_CenturySon

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