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Genre: Documentary

Running Time: TBC

Writer/Producer/Director: Gavin Munro

Narrator: TBC

Original Music by: Stuart Rawlinson

Format: HD (1080)

Languages: English

Subtitles: English, Spanish

Filming Locations: United Kingdom, United States

Release Date: Finding Claudio is currently in pre-production and will be released in December 2021

Finding Claudio movie poster life and times 2.jpg


On a spring afternoon in 1971 a homeless American arrived at the gates of John Lennon’s Ascot home looking for answers. 


His name was Curt Claudio and he and Lennon chatted for a while, John invited him in to eat and gave him a tour of his recording studio.


In 10 years both these men’s lives would be cut tragically short. Although they lived over 5,000 miles apart they shared similar histories and fates.


This documentary tells the story of these two men, what brought them together, the events that shaped them and what ultimately ended their lives.

Short Synopsis


On a spring afternoon in 1971 a homeless American arrived at the gates of John Lennon’s Ascot home looking for answers. 


His name was Curt Claudio and he and Lennon chatted for a while, John invited him in to eat and gave him a tour of his recording studio.


In 10 years both these men’s lives would be cut tragically short. 


This documentary tells the remarkable story of Curt Claudio.  From his early days in northern California to his untimely death 33 years later. Why did he need to meet Lennon, what prompted Curt to believe himself to be Jesus. How did the meeting affect the rest of his life and what caused the accident that took his life.


It looks at the extraordinary life of the man, the times and the decisions that shaped them.


We speak to those people who knew him best. His family and friends tell the stories of the Curt they knew, the seeker, the rogue, the detached soul, the human and the dreamer.


We also dispel the myths that have grown around the story of him being a drop-out shell-shocked Vietnam war veteran and a homeless hobo. Whether or not he met McCartney on the same visit to England and just what he was searching for when he decided to meet his idols.


If you’re a Beatles fan this is a must see documentary. If you’re interested in taking a time machine back to witness fascinating and unstable times, through the eyes of a true individual, then this documentary is for you.

Long Synopsis


When I started the journey of researching and writing this story I had no idea that it would lead me to uncover some extraordinary stories from some remarkable people. Not least the protagonist himself, Curt Claudio.

The film begins on the day he died and then rewinds to the iconic meeting at Tittenhurst Park in 1971 between a bewildered Curt and impatient, but compassionate John Lennon. The reason Curt travelled over 4000 miles to meet his hero can be tracked back to his childhood obsession with The Beatles and his bizarre experiences at college.


During his second year at university in 1968 something happened to Curt  that convinced him that he was the resurrection of Jesus Christ on earth. Over the next few years he explored this through various means that included the strange pilgrimage to England. 

On his return to the states he moved around California working the land and living a bohemian lifestyle until he eventually settled down in 1979. He was tragically killed almost a year to the day after Lennon in a mysterious light aircraft crash. Many people thought his story died with him but I've been lucky enough to talk to friends and family of Curt and now, I believe I have a full picture of this extraordinary man's curious life.


The documentary also explores the movements of the times from the Beat Poets through to the Acid Generation and it looks at the anti-war movement, PTSD, psychedelics, Timothy Leary  and other cultural influences that affected Curt & John.


I've had incredible support from Curt's family and friends and Lennon's team and learnt some new insights into both John and Curt which I'm looking forward to sharing to the wider public.

This year will be the 50th anniversary year of the release of Imagine so I think there will be a lot people asking "What happened to Claudio?', I think we're ready to give them some answers.


The documentary is set for release in 2022, although this is dependent on getting the funding I need. If you want to help, please share this website on social media, sign up for my newsletter or become Patreon, all these details are available in the footer of this page.

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved with this project, please drop me a line at

Gavin Munro, May 2021       

Directors statement


Finding Claudio movie poster life and times 2.jpg

movie poster


Curt Claudio circa 1958


Curt Claudio circa 1981


Curt Claudio circa 1978


writer and director Gavin Munro, 2021

media videos





Dayton Claudio

As his younger brother, I knew I could rely on him in tough times.


He was a good soul with a big heart.


Martha Curtis

I hope that Curt's story will remind people of the dangers of psychedelics.


Ernie Claudio

When Curt returned home, in California, he was upset with John.


He felt like John had deceived him.


Dan Richter
Lennon's assistant

I was there that day when Curt arrived, I stood in the middle of him and Lennon.


He was clearly vulnerable around the time we met, I really hope he got himself together.


Linda Davis

I always thought he could do anything.


He was one of the smartest and most caring people I've known.


Gavin Munro
writer, researcher, producer

The truth about Curt is much more interesting than the myths that have generated over time. 


My job is to present his story, told by the people who knew him. The truth will be his legacy

Special Thanks to...


The John Lennon Estate, Mark Lewisohn, Antony Rotunno, Ray Connolly, Tray Webb, Ian MacDonald, Paul De Noyer, Hunter Davis, Sandra Cates, Chip Erwin, Robin Haynes, John Armstrong, Maurice Brown, Tim Hoerle, Ian Burns, Danie Reader, Sara Schmidt, Paul Ray Burns


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