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Aint That A Shame

It seems like Curt missed another of his heroes by hours on the same day he met Lennon.

Curt's family has told us what a huge Beatles fan he was and one of his favourite songs from Abbey Road was Here Comes The Sun. He never knew how close he was to meeting the songwriter behind that classic!

George, John, Klaus and Yoko eat and plan the evening session at Tittenhurst Park May 26th 1971

George lived half an hour away from Tittenhurst Park at the majestic Friar Park. Klaus Voorman was living at George's place during the recording sessions and the two arrived that night around 7:30pm for some dinner before starting work.

Curt had left around 6:45pm what a difference three difference three quarters of an hour makes!

Here's the session that John, Klaus and George played on that May evening in 1971....

Which Beatle (alive or dead) would you want to meet and what would you ask them?

Answers in the Comments below please...

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